Concordia College (N.Y.) Athletics Department Mission Statement


The Intercollegiate Athletics program at Concordia College (N.Y.) will initiate, stimulate, improve, and protect the physical and educational welfare of its Student-Athletes fostering success through effective teamwork and competition.

This competitive athletics program is designed to be a vital part of the educational system of the institution and to maintain the Student-Athlete as an integral part of the overall student body.

Furthermore, Concordia Athletics will promote the character development of all participants, enhance their integrity to higher education and competition, and promote civility in society by adhering to such fundamental values as respect, fairness, courtesy, honesty, and responsibility.



Concordia Student-Athletes Goals and Expectations


Strive for Success: Develop a desire to excel to the best of your ability on and off the field of play.

Display Good Sportsmanship: Trust others as you would wish to be trusted. Develop emotional control, honesty, and cooperation.

Continue to Improve: Diligently practice skills and adhere to desirable habits and characteristics.

Maintain Good Health: Obtain a high degree of physical fitness. Take care of your body.

Teamwork: Develop self discipline, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work. Place the team higher than yourself.

Enjoy Athletics: Acknowledge the personal rewards of sports. Learn to enjoy sports while maintaining good sportsmanship.

Participation: Athletes are expected to be at all practices and competitions keeping a commitment to class work first.

Excellence: Maintain the highest level of positive behavior in and out of the classroom.