2012-13 Athletics Awards Banquet


The 2012-13 Concordia College Athletics Awards Banquet was held on the evening of Friday, April 26, 2013 in Schoenfeld Hall on the campus of Concordia College in Bronxville, N.Y. The yearly event is held in honor of the student-athletes to thank them for their commitment and hard work to Concordia College. The athletes are recognized team by team and their accomplishments are highlighted. In addition, seven awards are given to student-athletes who represent the highest standard in several areas. Awards are given to the Male and Female Freshman of the Year, the Male and Female Scholar-Athletes of the Year, the Director of Athletics Award, the Christus Victor Award in Athletics, the Esther Petzke Rockhill Award in Women's Athletics, and the Mickey Byrne Award in Men's Athletics.

Female Freshman of the Year - Luisa Candido and Brittany Lampert 

Lusia Candido


Brittany Lampert

Male Freshman of the Year - Ruel Gordon and Mitchell Hillert

Ruel Gordon


Mitchell Hillert

Female Scholar-Athlete Award - Laura Brezovsky

Laura Brezovsky

Male Scholar-Athlete Award - Martin Miedzowicz

Martin Miedzowicz

The Director of Athletics Awards - Chelsea Zurcher, Luis Gonzalez, Andreas Lindell, Yuliya Plevako, Jeff Schaller

Chelsea Zurcher


Luis Gonzalez


Andreas Lindell


Yuliya Plevako


Jeff Schaller

The Christus Victor Award in Athletics - Lindsey Russo

Lindsey Russo

The Esther Petzke Rockhill Award in Women's Athletics - Krystina Agard

Krystina Agard

The Mickey Byrne Award in Men's Athletics - Argelix Gil

Argelix Gil