Dr. Alex Diaz
Dr. Alex Diaz
Title: Sports Psychology Consultant
Phone: (914) 793-9719
Email: alexdiaz@sportsmentaledge.com

Dr. Alex Diaz is a Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional addressing the mental and emotional components to achieve athletic competitive performance. His doctoral dissertation for his degree in Clinical Psychology/Somatic Psychology looked at the Relationship Between Mental Toughness and Body Awareness in Collegiate Athletes. Dr. Diaz’s training is grounded in the latest neuroscience research to achieve focus awareness and emotional regulation.

Dr. Diaz has extensive experience working with American and international individual athletes (amateur, school, college, professional), team sports, and coaches to establish mental skills trainings in Spanish and English aimed at integrating the mental component in performance by addressing the three phases of competition: Before-During-After. His work also addresses concussion treatment, incorporates self-talk, imagery, and breathing relaxation techniques, as well as emotional self-regulation.

Dr. Diaz has provided talks to sports organizations, clubs, and schools as well as written on the topic of sport psychology, team functioning dynamics, performance anxiety, concussion treatment, and sports injury rehabilitation.