Clippers head back to the Final Four in the NCAA DII Championship Tournament

Clippers head back to the Final Four in the NCAA DII Championship Tournament

Box score

The Clippers continued their run in the NCAA Division II tournament as they faced off against St. Edwards in the Elite 8 round. 

With the doubles hitting the court first the Clippers looked to their strength.  Raphael Namias and Felix Missal, at the number two doubles team was on serve through five all.  With an unfortunate break on their serve their opponents went up and closed the door to gain the teams first point. 

Andreas Lindell and Tamas Dobrotka, at the number three spot, stayed on serve through twelve games.  With one break of serve the pair went ahead and tied the game up at 1-1 with an 8-6 doubles score.

Alex Grubin and Andrey Boldarev, playing at their usual number one slot, went back and forth with points with their opponents.  With the match at 6-6, Grubin and Boldarev took the opportunity and broke and then served the match out as they defeated their opponents 8-6. 

With the Clippers up 2-1 after the doubles it was a race to the finish for the team to get to five points. 

Andreas Lindell, at the number six singles position, was back to his dominating style.  With two breaks of serve in the first set Lindell went ahead after taking the first set 6-2.  With staying on serve through the first four games Lindell then move on ahead as he broke his opponents serve twice more to take the match with a 6-2 second set score. 

Andrey Boldarev was the next to finish at the number two singles spot.  With surrendering just one game in the first set, Boldarev, pulled his assassin like play out and won the first set 6-1.  Boldarev continued his play grabbing winners with his powerful forehand as he went on to dominate the second set and put the Clippers one point away from the final four with a second set win of 6-2.

Alex Grubin, hitting at the number one spot for the Clippers, went through his first set with no problem as he decimated his opponent with a 6-0 win.  Set number two Grubin was on serve through four all.  With the finish of the match coming on strong, Grubin stepped up as broke his opponents serve to finish out the match with a 6-4 second set win.

With the five points, the Clippers return for the second year in a row to the NCAA Division II Final Four.  The Clippers will face Barry University tomorrow in a 1:00pm match.