Clippers cruise to an 8-1 victory over Fairleigh Dickinson University

Clippers cruise to an 8-1 victory over Fairleigh Dickinson University

Box score

The Concordia College Clippers Men's Tennis team took on NCAA Division I opponent Fairleigh Dickinson University today. 

The doubles were up first on court as the Clippers were ready for the Knights.    As the number one doubles team of Alex Grubin and Andrey Boldarev faced off with their opponents the match was to be a long one.  Both doubles teams went back and forth with winning games.  Grubin and Boldarev were able to break their opponents and gain the edge and defeated the Knight opponents 8-5.

The number two doubles team of Raphael Namias and Felix Missal also went back and forth with their opponents.  Namias and Missal were able to gain a break point on their opponents and were victorious with an 8-6 score. 

Tamas Dobrotka and Andreas Lindell, at the number three doubles spot, cruised over the Knights as they were able to break their opponents twice.  With Dobrotka and Lindell's 8-2 victory the Clippers were leading 3-0 in the match.

The singles matches were up next for the Clippers.  Lindell, at number six singles, continued with the energy from the doubles and easily defeated his opponent and cruised to the 6-1;6-0 victory. 

Alex Grubin continued to play well and found his angles on the court as he got up a double break int he first set.  After a first set victory of 6-3, Grubin put himself on cruise control and dominated the second set with a 6-1 win and sealing the match victory for the Clippers. 

Felix Missal finished next at the number four singles spot.  After gaining a double break in the first set Missal looked onward to continue his dominance on court.  With another double break in the second set Missal cruised to his 6-2; 6-3 victory. 

Tamas Dobrotka, playing at the number five spot, was in control of his court as he was getting shots from every angle.  Dobrotka followed in Missal's steps and defeated his opponent 6-2; 6-3. 

Raphael Namias, at the number three slot, earned a break point in the first set and won the set 6-4.  The second set proved more difficult for Namias as he was pushed and his serve was broken on three different occasions.  Namias dropped the second set 1-6 and a third set super tie-breaker was to be played.  Namias went on in the super tie-breaker and was dominant as he won 10-3. 

Andrey Boldarev, at the number two singles spot, was unfortunately broken in the first set as he fell 4-6.  Boldarev stepped his game up and went to a tie break in the second set and defeated his opponent in the second set tie break and take the set 7-6.  With the win for Boldarev in the second set the match was pushed to a third set tie-breaker.  Boldarev scrambled at some points in the tie-breaker and was dominant at other times.  Boldarev was broken once and unfortunately dropped the tie-breaker 9-11 and the match 1 set to 2. 

The Clippers together were dominant as they defeated the Knights 8-1.  The Clippers will open their new conference up tomorrow as they host Caldwell College at 3:00pm.