Clippers double up in CACC competition

Clippers double up in CACC competition

Box score vs Philadelphia University

Box score vs Chestnut Hill College

The Clippers headed down to Philadelphia to face off against Philadelphia University and Chestnut Hill College.  The Philadelphia University Rams were up first for the Clippers.  With doubles kicking off the match the Clippers started off strong as they were dominate through their games.

Alex Grubin and Andrey Boldarev were in fine form in their number one double match as they easily defeated their opponent.  With only one game given up in the course the pair won with a score of 8-1. 

The pairs of Tamas Dobrotka & Andreas Lindell and Raphael Namias & Felix Missal each stayed on serve through 2-2.  Then both pairs took control and were able to finish out the match cleanly as they did not let up another game and went on to give the Clippers the 3-0 lead with 8-2 scores.

Singles were up next for the Clippers and the Rams as Alex Grubin and Andrey Boldarev seemed to be mirroring each others scores.  With a love set in the first both Grubin and Boldarev went onto finish the matches out with surrendering one game each.  With both Grubin and Boldarev's wins of 6-0; 6-1 the Clippers clinched the match over the Rams. 

Raphael Namias started on serve through 2-2 in the first set.  At that point forward Namias hit the gas and was in complete control as he finished the match.  Namias defeated his opponent at the number three singles spot 6-2; 6-0. 

Felix Missal doubles up the score for his singles match at the number four spot.  With surrendering just one game in each set Missal was on point through the rest of the match.  With Missal's scores of 6-1; 6-1, the Clippers were just two matches away of a perfect sweep.

Tamas Dobrotka continued to play well and lead the Clippers in win as he took down his opponent while only giving up three games through the match.  Dobrotka was on serve through 2-2 in the first before dominating the rest of the first set with a score of 6-2 before he went on to grab the second set 6-1.

Shaolin Chandam finished out the Clippers line-up against the Rams and had little trouble in the first set as he defeated his Rams opponent 6-2.  Chandam and his opponent then stayed on serve through 5-5 and it was Chandam that got a break point and served the match out to complete the Clippers sweep with his second set score of 7-5. 

The Chestnut Hill College Griffins were up next for the Clippers in the afternoon.

The Clippers line-up shifted a bit for their match against the Griffins as not to overplay any one particular player.  Doubles started with Tamas Dobrotka and Andreas Lindell playing at the number one spot for the match.  Dobrotka and Lindell let one game go by and then were on cruise control as they defeated their opponents 8-1.

Felix Missal and Raphael Namias battled for awhile with their opponents who were able to grab four games on their own serve before Missal and Namias broke them.  With two breaks in the match from the Clippers pair, Missal and Namias finished the match with an 8-4 victory.

Shaolin Chandam and Dane Ostilly finished out the Clippers doubles teams as they stayed on serve through three all.  A few break points later Chandam and Ostilly finished their match and were successful with their score of 8-3.

The Clippers once again found themselves up 3-0 before the singles.

Alex Grubin broke three times in the first set to take the set without any surrendering.  Grubin's Griffin opponent got lucky in the second set as he gained two games until Grubin shut him down.  Grubin defeated his opponent 6-0; 6-2.

Andrey Boldarev let the first service game of his opponent go by then held court the rest of the way.  With just that one game behind him Boldarev was able to clinch another Clippers win with his scores of 6-1; 6-0.

Tamas Dobrotka saw a little trouble in the first set as his Griffin opponent was able to get three games.  With Dobrotka's strong serve and his lengthy reach, Dobrotka broke his opponent three times in the second set to earn a 6-3; 6-0 win.

Andreas Lindell and his quick minded aim ran into a little difficulty as he gave up two games i n the first set.  With a long day coming to a close Lindell stayed on serve through 3-3 in the second set and then finished his opponent off with three games to his name to win 6-2; 6-3.

Dane Ostilly rounded out the Clippers line-up for the day as he would play at the number six spot.  With mirroring sets Ostilly was on serve through four in each set.  Two unfortunate break points the wrong way cost Ostilly his match as the Clippers went on to win 8-1.

The Clippers will host Bloomfield College tomorrow at 11:00am.