Clippers open 2011 with win over St. Thomas Aquinas

Clippers open 2011 with win over St. Thomas Aquinas

The Clippers Men's Tennis Team opened up the 2011 season as they hosted the St. Thomas Aquinas College Spartans.  As is tradition in college tennis the doubles matches stepped onto the court first.

At the far end , Tamas Dobrotka and Geza Bazula paired up at the number three doubles position.  Less than twenty minutes from the start of their match the pair walked off the court with an 8-0 win.  Dobrotka and Bazula not only dominated with the 8-0 victory they only let up three points throughout their match.

Playing in the center court, Andrey Boldarev and Daniele Piludu took on the number two doubles position.  With powerful serves coming from both Clippers the pair walked off the court with an 8-0 victory.

Playing at the number one doubles position, Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand saw their first game slip by them.  Down 1-0 the pair stepped up and were able to take the next eight games as their own.  On their way to their 8-1 win Lindell collected two service aces while Tisserand added one of his own. 

After the doubles the Clippers were up 3-0.

Singles kicked off with Daniele Piludu coming off the court first at the number two singles position.  Playing on the center court Piludu placed his serve and came to net often to take down his Spartan opponent with a 6-0; 6-0 score.

Tamas Dobrotka collected the Clippers fifth point of the match at the number three singles position.  The first game of Dobrotka's match went to the Spartans but Dobrotka halted any progress from his opponent from then on.  Using his reach on court Dobrotka took care of his opponent to gain a 6-1; 6-0 victory. 

Andrey Boldarev, at the number one singles position took the first set easily with a 6-0 win.  Boldarev then struggled as he lost his first service game of the second set to go down 1-0.  The struggles continued on court as Boldarev hit a couple of double faults and unforced errors took their toll.  Boladrev regained the lead going up 2-1 but soon dropped another service game to go down 4-3 to his Spartan opponent.   With his Spartan opponent just eight points away from pushing the match to a third set Boldarev stepped up and came out with guns blazing.  Boldarev's serve became more defined and he placed his forehand on the court.  Boldarev came away with a 6-4 second set victory to claim the match.

On the far end court Geza Bazula played at the number five singles position.  Bazula worked quickly in the first set, completing it in about 20 minutes.  Bazula then went up 3-0 to start the second set before his Spartan opponent could gain a game.  With three more games under his belt Bazula walked away with a 6-0; 6-1 victory.

On the center court, at the number four singles position, Felix Missal held court throughout his match.  Taking his time, Missal was precise in his games as he hit winner after winner.  Missal went on to defeat his opponent in straight sets with a 6-0; 6-0 victory.

Ricardo Frey finished out the Clippers line-up for the first match at the number six singles position.  Frey went out on court and completely dominated his opponent.  With an easy 6-0 first set win, Frey continued his dominance in the second set.  Frey finished the second set with an ace to grab the 6-0 set win and gave the Clippers the 9-0 sweep.

The Clippers will host Fairleigh Dickinson University next Friday, February 18th at 2:15pm.