Clippers take down Knights

Clippers take down Knights

The Clippers hosted the Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights today in an indoor tennis match today.  Doubles kicked things off as the Clippers ran into a little difficulty from the start.  In the number one doubles position the pair of Geza Bazula and Tamas Dobrotka were back and forth with their games.  With each pair taking owning their service games it was going to be tough to break the other.  Bazula and Dobrotka were the first ones to sucessfully break and hold their own to grab a 9-7 win. 

At the third doubles Felix Missal and Daniele Piludu paired up for the match.  Though also behind just one game the Clippers pair found a way to break their opponent at 6-6 to take the go ahead and then finished off the last game for themselves.  Missal and Piludu notched the 8-6 win for the Clippers second point of the match. 

Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand, at the number two doubles position, struggled with their opponents.  The Clipper pair were broken not only once but twice in the match and were unable to come back.  Lindell and Tisserand fell 3-8.  The Clippers were up 2-1 after the doubles and heading into the singles matches. 

Daniele Piludu headed onto court at the number one singles position for the day.  Piludu  started off well as he immediately showed his strength and started to dominate.  As Piludu continued, his well placed shots and service aces pushed him through the first set with a 6-0 score.  Piludu's second set continued to be an example of his strength's on court.  Though Piludu let two games slip by him in the set, Piludu finished his match off with an ace down the middle for a 6-2 set win.

On the far end court was David Tisserand also pulling out a domininating performance.  After breaking his opponent three times in the first set Tisserand continued his play breaking his opponent another two times in the second set.  With a couple of more winners from Tisserand, he closed his match with a 6-0; 6-1 win.

In the middle court Tamas Dobrotka worked hard at the number two singles position.  Dobrotka and his opponent traded service games and were even after eight games.  Dobrotka then broke his opponent for the lead and finished the following game on his side.  The second set for Dobrotka was even after four games before Dobrotka broke his opponent, not just once either.  Dobrotka finished the match giving the Clippers their fifth point with a 6-4; 6-2 victory. 

Andreas Lindell, at the number four singles position, started off well on serve with his opponent.  With a break of serve Lindell grabbed the first set and quickly moved onto the second set.  Lindell then broke his opponent's serve twice.  Lindell finished off the match with a winner to collect a 6-3; 6-2 victory.

Felix Missal, hitting at the number six singles position, went to work straight away on court.  With just one game slipping by him in the first set Missal was definitely on a mission.  Missal didn't let his first set slip happen again in the second set.  Missal pushed thorugh the rest of the set and collected a 6-1; 6-0 win. 

Geza Bazula, at the number five position, pushed his first set to a tie breaker.  Bazula was victorious in the tie breaker to grab the first set 7-6.  Bazula struggled in the second set as he was broken twice and the match was forced to a third set tie breaker.  Bazula stepped up in the third set tie breaker to take the match with the 10-3 set win.

The Clippers will next head to Florida for their Spring Break trip.