Clippers start CACC season with a sweep of the Griffins

Clippers start CACC season with a sweep of the Griffins

The Clippers Men's Tennis team opened up their 2011 CACC Season as they hosted the Chestnut Hill College Griffins.  As is tradition, doubles hit the court first.  Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand, hitting in the number three doubles flight were first off the court.  After seven straight games Lindell and Tisserand were just one game away from the match.  It took two games to finish off their opponent with an 8-1 score.

Tamas Dobrotka and Geza Bazula, hit at the second doubles flight and were off the court second.  After going down in 2-1 in the first three games the Clipper pair worked hard to flip the score in their favor.  Dobrotka and Bazula were able to turn the tide in their favor as they went up 4-3 and then 6-3 two games after that.  The Clipper pair then finished off the match in three more games taking the match 8-4. 

Andrey Boldarev and Daniele Piludu, at the number one spot, went up 3-0 over their opponents.  A game slipped by in the next two games played by the Clipper pair took the following two for the score to be 6-1.  Boldarev and Piludu then split the next two games to bring them within one game of the match.  Boladrev and Piludu finished up in the next game and took the match 8-3.

The Clippers lead the Griffins 3-0 heading into the singles matches.

David Tisserand moved up to the second singles spot for the day and had very little trouble as he held court through twelve games.  Tisserand stayed on form and collected a 6-0; 6-0 victory.

Felix Missal at the number four singles position worked hard as a couple of shots got away from him.  Missal brushed them off and was able to not let a single game slip by him.  At the end of the match Missal defeated his opponent 6-0; 6-0 for the Clippers to seal the team match with its fifth point.

Geza Bazula, hitting in the third singles flight for the day, held court through his first set with a 6-0 score.  Two games got by Bazula in the second set before he was able to close out the match with a 6-2 second set victory.

Dane Ostilly, making his 2011 debut, hit at the number six singles flight.  Dane was on form as he served up aces and came to net for winners as he was victorious 6-0; 6-2 match win.

Andrey Boldarev finished fifth for the Clippers at the number one spot.  After a slightly troublesome first set where three games went by Boldarev was able to go into the second set after he claimed the first 6-3.  Boldarev then stepped up as he improved his play letting only one game go by for a 6-1 second set win.

Ricardo Frey, wrapped things up for the Clippers at the number five flight.  Frey worked hard on court as a couple of games went by through his match.  After the match Frey came out on top with a 6-2; 6-2 victory.

The Clippers will next play host to Dowling College tomorrow at 3:30pm.