Clippers complete South Carolina trip with an 8-1 win over USC Aiken.

Clippers complete South Carolina trip with an 8-1 win over USC Aiken.

The Clippers finished out their trip to South Carolina on Saturday afternoon as they faced off against the University of South Carolina Aiken. 

Andrey Boldarev teamed up today wtih Felix Missal at the number one doubles flight.  The pair faced off against the #16 doubles pair and were evened up at 5-5.  Boldarev and Missal then stepped up and were able to take the next three games for the match 8-5. 

Geza Bazula and Tamas Dobrotka took the courts at the number two doubles flight.  The Clippers pair went head to head through 3-3.  Bazula and Dobrotka then were able to break serve a couple of times to pull ahead.  The pair then finished out the match on their terms with the 8-3 win.

Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand also were matched up through 3-3.  Lindell and Tisserand then went ahead after a service break.  The Clipper pair then finished the match to collect an 8-3 win.

With the Clippers up 3-0 after the doubles the singles matches hit the court.  Andrey Boldarev (#10 singles player) faced off against the #40 singles player.  Boldarev let an early game slip past him on his way to a first set score of 6-1.  The second set went back and forth as each held serve.  Boldarev broken his opponents serve to take the go ahead before taking the set 6-4. 

David Tisserand at the number three singles flight let just one game slip past throughout his entire match.  Tisserand held court through the first set and then after an early game in the second set Tisserand went full steam ahead to finish his opponent 6-0;6-1. 

Tamas Dobrotka collected two service breaks in the first set to gain a 6-2 first set win.  Dobrotka continued to play well throughout the second set as he hit his way to a 6-1 second set win. 

Ricardo Frey, at the number six singles flight, let just two games total go past him and both were in the first set.  After the 2-2 tie in the first set, Frey stepped up his game for the 6-2;6-0 match win.

Felix Missal, at the fifth singles flight, was pushed to a tie breaker in the first set.  Missal was able to collect a point for the go ahead in the tie breaker to win the first set 7-6.  The second set Missal was broken late and fell 4-6 forcing a third set tie breaker.  Sixteen points later Missal was tied with his opponent at 8-8.  With the next two points going Missal's way, Missal finished the set 10-8. 

Geza Bazula also was pushed to three sets.  Bazula took the first set in fine fashion 6-1.  The second set was flipped as Bazula fell 1-6.  The momentum unfortunately continued away from Bazula in the third set as he fell 2-10. 

The Clippers defeated USC Aiken 8-1 and will head to Post University on Wednesday, April 13th.