Clippers Defeat Griffins 5-0 and Move on to CACC Championship

Clippers Defeat Griffins 5-0 and Move on to CACC Championship

The Clippers, #1, hosted the Chestnut Hill College Griffins, #4, in the CACC Semifinals.  After introductions the doubles took to the court. 

Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand, at the number two doubles flight started off well as they went up 3-0.  Lindell and Tisserand then split the next two games allowing the Griffins to put a game point on the board.  The Clipper pair then went straight back to work as they took the rest of the games and collected an 8-1 win.

Geza Bazula and Ricardo Frey teamed up at the number three doubles flight for the day.  The pair also started well going up 3-0 then split the next two games to keep their three game lead with a 4-1 score.  Bazula and Frey earned the following two games to extend their lead to 6-1 but the Griffins got their next service game to take a second point in the match.  Bazula and Frey worked hard and got the last two games and the 8-2 victory.

Andrey Boldarev and Felix Missal teamed up once more this season and hit at the number one doubles flight.  The Clipper pair went up 3-0 to start their match.  Boldarev and Missal were then broken on their serve as the Griffins put a point on the board.  Boldarev and Missal then were able to break their Griffin opponents back to go up 4-1.  The Griffins broke the Clippers again a few games later for their second point of the match but the Clippers lead was too great.  The Clippers finished the match with an 8-2 win putting the Clippers two points from the match.

Geza Bazula, at the number two singles position, let the first game on the Griffins serve go past and then took a 2-1 lead.  Bazula kept this pace up as he took the next four games to take the set 6-1.  Bazula let one game pass him by in the second set before finishing the match with a 6-1 second set win. 

Andrey Boldarev, at the number one singles position, was broken on his first service game and was down 1-2 to start the first set.  Boldarev then got into his rhythm and broke his opponent back to go ahead 3-2.  Boldarev then took the momentum forward and was successful in the next three games for a 6-2 first set win.  Boldarev kept up with his momentum even further as he used it in the second set to hold his opponent off.  Boldarev took the second set 6-0 and notched the fifth point of the match for the Clippers.

David Tisserand went up 3-0 in first set at the number three singles spot.  After splitting the next four games Tisserand finished the set off with a 6-2 win.  Tisserand then moved on to the second set as he was up 1-0.  Tisserand's Griffin opponent grabbed a game before Tisserand moved ahead 3-1.  Tisserand's match was halted there as the Clippers captured their fifth point to end the match.

With the five points, the Clippers will move on to the 2011 CACC Championship match on Thursday, April 21st at 3:00pm at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA where they will face off against the Philadelphia University Rams in a rematch of the 2010 CACC Championships.