Clippers Edge Hawaii Pacific to Return to Elite Eight

Clippers Edge Hawaii Pacific to Return to Elite Eight

The Clippers entered the Round of 16 in the NCAA Division II Tournament as they faced off against Hawaii Pacific University. 

The Clippers earned the first point of the match as they won the third doubles flight with Andreas Lindell and David Tisserandon court.  Lindell and Tisserand were on serve to start as they were up 2-1.  A break point gave the Clipper pair an edge to go up 4-2.  Lindell and Tisserand then continued to work hard as they held their match up a break.  The Clippers had a bit of a scare as Hawaii Pacific  broke them back to bring the score to 6-5 in favor of the Clippers.  Lindell and Tisserand then stepped up their game for one last push as they were able to gain the break back into their favor and finished the match with an 8-5 score.

Geza Bazula and Tamas Dobrotka, at the number two doubles flight started their match down a break as they trailed 2-4.  The Clipper pair continued to play tough but still down a break.  The games went by quickly and Bazula and Dobrotka fell 5-8. 

Andrey Boldarev and Daniele Piludu, hitting at the number one doubles flight, found themselves gaining a break early in the game as they went up 3-1.  The Clipper pair was then unfortunately broken to go back on serve.  A few games later the Boldarev and Piludu were broken again as they now trailed 4-6.  Boldarev and Piludu worked hard to gain the break back but fell 6-8.

As the Clippers headed into the singles matches down 1-2, they had a lot of work to do to advance. 

Geza Bazula was the first off the court for the Clippers but unfortunately struggled throughout his match at the number three singles position.  Bazula fell hard in the first set 1-6 and then was broken twice early on in the second as he dropped the set 3-6 and Hawaii Pacific was now up 3-1 over the Clippers.

The Clippers gained a point back as David Tisserand, at the number four singles flight, had a quick match.  Tisserand gained an early break and was up in the first set 4-2.  Two games later, Tisserand earned the first set with a 6-2 score.  Tisserand was on serve early in the second set, though behind one point, at 1-2.  Tisserand then gained a service break to go ahead 3-2.  A short while later Tisserand notched the Clippers second point of the match with a second set win of 6-2.

Tamas Dobrotka, at the number five singles flight, was able to tie the team match up for the Clippers.  Dobrotka was on serve in the first set through 4-3.  A couple of games later Dobrotka was up 6-5 and was able to gain a break to take the first set 7-5.  Dobrotka moved into the second set with momentum as he was up 1-0.  Five games later Dobrotka found himself up a break at 4-2 and then took the set 6-3 a short while later.

Daniele Piludu, hitting at the number two singles flight, was on serve in the first set 4-3.  An unfortunate break of serve later and Piludu had dropped the first set 5-7.  Piludu then found himself down in the second set 1-2 before being able to break his opponent for the 3-2 lead.  Piludu then struggled as he fell in the second set 4-6. 

With two matches still on court the Clippers trailed 3-4 with Hawaii Pacific just one match win away from advancing. 

Andreas Lindell, at the number six position, was on serve through his first set at 4-3 before earning the break to take the set 6-3.  Lindell then was back on serve in the second set at 4-4.  Lindell moved to 5-5 and then was broken to force a third set.  Lindell went back to his first set form as he was up 1-0 with the break.  Holding serve Lindell then moved forward taking the third set with a 6-3 score and tying the game back up for the Clippers at 4-4.

With just one match left on court, the match was determined by Andrey Boldarev at the number one singles flight.  Boldarev was on serve in the first set 5-4 but then was broken suddenly and fell in the first set 5-7.  Not giving up, Boldarev took a 1-0 lead.  A few games later Boldarev extended his lead to 4-1 before sending the match into a third set with the second set score of 6-1.  Momentum on his side Boldarev continued in the third set playing well as he was on serve through 2-2.  Two service breaks later and Boldarev was the match with the third set score of 6-2, giving the Clippers the fifth team point and sending them back to the Elite Eight.

The Clippers defeated Hawaii Pacific 5-4 and will face off against Rockhurst tomorrow, May 12th at 9:00am.