Men's Tennis Heads Back to Third Straight National Semifinal

Men's Tennis Heads Back to Third Straight National Semifinal

The Clippers Men's Tennis Team faced off against Rockhurst in the Quarterfinal Round (Elite Eight).  After yesterday's tough match with Hawaii Pacific the Clippers looked to jump out in front starting with the doubles.

Geza Bazula and Tamas Dobrotka, at the number two doubles flight, revamped their play as they took the early lead in their quarterfinal match.  The Clipper pair led the match off with four straight games to their name for the 4-0 lead.  Bazula and Dobrotka then extended their lead to 7-0 as they looked to close the match out.  Bazula and Dobrotka finished the match with an 8-1 score notching the first point for the Clippers.

Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand were the second match finished in the doubles section at the third flight.  The Clipper pair started out with a 3-0 lead to open the match up.  Lindell and Tisserand continued their good play as they were able to not only hold onto their three game lead but extend it to a four game lead with a score of 6-2.  Two games later Lindell and Tisserand finished the match giving the Clippers the second team point with an 8-2 score.

Andrey Boldarev and Ricardo Frey, hit at the number one doubles flight, were on serve through 5-4.  Boldarev and Frey continue to play tough as the match was tied at 8-8 and headed into a tiebreaker.  The Clipper pair only earned two points in the tiebreaker and fell in the match 8-9.

As the Clippers held a 2-1 lead over Rockhurst, the singles matches headed to court.

Andrey Boldarev, at the number one singles flight, was battling in the first set as it was on serve through most of the set.  With the score at 5-4 Boldarev stepped up in the last game and claimed it for himself and collecting the 6-4 first set win.  Boldarev continued with his game as he let just two games slip past him and he went for the 6-2 second set win. 

Tamas Dobrotka was the second Clipper finished at the number four singles spot.  Dobrotka followed in Boldarev's steps in the first set as he was on serve through 5-4 and then claimed the last game for the 6-4 win.  Dobrotka went all out in the second set as he completely dominated on court as he held his serve three times and broke his opponent the same for a 6-0 sweep and put the Clippers just one point away from advancing.

David Tisserand notched the winning point at the number three singles as he started his match with 1-0 lead.  Continuing to build upon the small lead, Tisserand opened the lead to four games and grabbed the first set with a 6-2 score.  Tisserand was on serve in the second through 3-2 before turning the after-burners on as he finished the match in the net three games for the 6-2 set victory and sent the Clippers back to the Semifinals.

Geza Bazula, at the number two singles spot for the day, opened his first set up with a 3-0 lead.  Holding his three game lead Bazula continued to put pressure on his opponent and came away with a first set 6-2 win.  Bazula was then on serve but in his second set at 3-4 when play was called.

Andreas Lindell was broken late in the first set at the number five singles flight to fall 4-6.  Lindell then came back in the second and dominated only allowing one game to pass him by and tie the match up with a 6-1 set win.  Lindell then continued with the momentum as he was up 1-0 in the third set when the Clippers notched the fifth point.

Ricardo Frey rounded out the Clippers line-up for the day at the number six singles flight.  Frey took the 1-0 lead in the first and then went on from their to break his opponent twice for a 6-2 first set win.  Frey was on serve in the second and up 4-3 before play was called.

With the 5-1 win over Rockhurst, the Clippers will return to the NCAA Semifinals for the third straight year.  The Clippers will also face Barry University in the Semifinals for the third consecutive year and will play on May 13th at 9:00am.