Barry Stops Concordia's Come Back in National Semifinal

Barry Stops Concordia's Come Back in National Semifinal

The Clippers faced off in their third straight NCAA Semifinal match today.  The Clippers faced the Buccaneers of Barry University.  With the past two years of Barry taking the match in the semifinals over the Clippers, the Clippers looked to defeat the Buccaneers as they did earlier this season.

Doubles matches took to the court first to open the semifinal match up.

Geza Bazula and Tamas Dobrotka, at the number two doubles flight, found themselves on serve at 1-2 and were then broken to fall to 1-4.  The Clippers then played tough to hold on to their next couple of service games but still trailed 3-6.  Bazula and Dobrotka gained their fourth game of the match but fell two games later 4-8.

Andreas Lindell and David Tisserand started off well taking the first game for their own.  The Clippers then stayed on serve through 2-2 and then unfortunately were broken to go behind 2-3.  The Clipper pair dropped another game as they were unable to break their Buccaneer opponents back and were down 3-5.  Lindell and Tisserand continued to push as they gained their fourth game but fell just three games later 4-8.

Andrey Boldarev and Daniele Piludu, at the number one doubles flight, was on serve through 2-3 when they were broken in the next set of games to trail 3-5.  Boldarev and Piludu then broke back and were back on serve through 5-6 and then were broken once more.  The Clipper pair worked hard and was a game away from tying the score at 7-7 but fell 6-8 on a just missed point. 

The Clippers trailed 0-3 to the Buccaneers as they headed into the singles matches. 

Geza Bazula, at the number three singles flight, struggled as he trailed early in the first set 0-3.  Gaining two games Bazula pulled with one game from tying the set up but was broken and fell in the first set 2-6.  Bazula worked hard on court but was just missing the line on a couple of winners and was broken twice as he fell 2-6 in the second set and sent Barry up 4-0 over the Clippers.

Tamas Dobrotka, at the number five singles position, was back and forth on serve through his first set.  With the game at 5-5, Dobrotka broke his opponent and then held his serve for the first set score of 7-5.  Dobrokta then was back on serve in the second set when he broke his opponent again to take the 4-2 lead.  The Clipper then broke his opponent again for a 5-2 second set lead.  With one game left to earn, Dobrotka stepped up and held serve as he notched the Clipper first point of the match with a 6-2 second set victory.

David Tisserand earned a break early to take a 3-1 lead at the number four singles flight.  Holding serve through his next three games Tisserand took the first set 6-3.  Tisserand continued to play well on court as he was able to break his opponent in the middle of the second set for a 5-2 lead.  Tisserand then split the next two games to collect the Clippers second point with second set score of 6-3. 

Daniele Piludu, at the number two singles flight, took an early 3-0 lead to go up in the first set.  Piludu then struggled a little and was forced back on serve at 5-4.  Piludu running out of steam unfortunately was broken again and fell in the first set 5-7.  Piludu continued to try and work out his struggles in the second set but was broken twice as he looked at a 0-5 second set deficit when play was called.

Andreas Lindell, at the number six singles, was broken a couple of times in the first set to fall 1-6.  Lindell then worked back and fought in the second set as he was on serve.  The second set was pushed to a tiebreaker and that was back and forth as well.  One point away from the match was Lindell's opponent and Lindell took that point and the next couple to take the second set 7-6 with a tiebreaker score of 8-6.  Lindell then found himself staring at a 0-4 deficit in the third set when a second wind came to him and he started to fight back.  Lindell took the next four straight games to tie the third set up at 4-4.  Four games later the set was on serve and heading into a tie breaker.  While in the tiebreaker play was called.

Andrey Boldarev, at the top singles flight, was broken twice in the first set including on his first service game as he fell 2-6 in the first.  Boldarev then broke his opponent early in second set to take a 4-1 lead.  Boldarev then stayed on serve through the rest of the set for the 6-3 set win and headed into the third set.  Boldarev took the first game of the third set and was on serve.  Boldarev was then broken after many deuce and advantage points.  Boldarev fought hard to come back but a just missed forehand had him slip another game behind.  A couple of games later Boldarev was broken again on another set of advantage points and deuce points.  Unfortunately Boldarev fell to his opponent in the third set 2-6.

The Clippers fell to the Buccaneers 2-5 and finish their season 25-3.