No. 16 Clippers Sail to 9-0 Win over Bloomfield

No. 16 Clippers Sail to 9-0 Win over Bloomfield

Bronxville, N.Y. – The No. 16 Concordia men's tennis team played in their first home match and first Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) match of the season on Saturday afternoon. The Clippers faced the Deacons of Bloomfield College and would have no problems in their 9-0 victory at the Meyers Tennis Center.

Concordia would earn 8-0 wins in two of the three doubles matches to begin the afternoon. Senior's Andreas Lindell (Helsingborg, Sweden) and David Tisserand (Lyon, France) would pick up an 8-0 victory over Steven Hobart and Peter Beckford in the #3 match. Sophomore's Benas Majauskas (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Tomasz Olfans (Opole, Poland) followed in the #2 match with an 8-0 win over Jamel Schwler and Michael Beeson.

Senior Andrey Boldarev (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and junior Daniele Piludu (Cagliari, Italy) would conclude doubles play for the Clippers with an 8-1 win over Ceran Messam and Morgan Lebeurre in the #1 match to give Concordia a 3-0 overall lead.

The singles matches would be played in pro-sets to eight. Tisserand would begin with an 8-1 win in the #2 match over Lebeurre then Majauskas followed shortly thereafter with an 8-1 victory of his own at the #3 match over Schwler. Olfans' #1 match would be the third to finish as he shutout Messam, 8-0.

Sophomore Juuso Ojanen (Varkaus, Finland) earned an 8-0 victory in the #4 singles match against Beeson. Sophomore Ricardo Frey (Curitiba, Brazil) also grabbed an 8-0 win over Beckford in the #6 match while Lindell concluded the match with an 8-0 victory of his own against Hobart in the #5 match to give the Clippers a 9-0 overall win.

Concordia (5-1, 1-0 CACC) will continue their CACC schedule on Monday afternoon as the team will travel to Post University. The match is set to begin at 3pm in Waterbury, Conn.